Although Serbia is an excellent destination for immigration, it is certainly not one of the easy countries to immigrate. To ease the immigration process to our clients and their families, L’Excellence provides wide range of useful services for expats in Serbia: Accommodation search, Legal and Immigration assistance, establishment of Bank – Customer relationship, School hunting & School assistance and much more.

If you and your family are planning to move to the Serbia or just visit this country, we will be happy to assist you through the strenuous process of visa application.

Our team of professional consultants offers full support starting with a preliminary meeting with a client to understand the situation up to your registration at the relevant authority after arrival to Serbia.

Our company is a long-term partner for many companies established in Serbia, for whom we help to relocate the best candidates from all other the world. Moreover, we perform a change of address, change of employer, change of position and many other services for your foreign employees who are already in Serbia.

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