L’Excellence undertakes the search (process of identifying and approaching the candidate) in accordance with the description of the specific role and the desired profile of the candidate. For each specific requirement L’Excellence uses tailor-made approach. 

Search methods used by L’Excellence are:
– direct search
– advertising
– networking
– proprietary database
– referrals of the experts in the industry.

Search process starts from the moment when the description of the specific role and the desired profile of the candidate is delivered to L’Excellence.

L’Excellence conducts the search in following phases:
Phase 1: Identification & Assessment
Phase 2: Engagement & Shortlist
Phase 3: Selection
Phase 4: Integration

Phase 1: Identification & Assessment

Step 1: L’Excellence identifies a wide-ranging universe of potential candidates, conducts in-depth research and sourcing. This step includes advertisement of vacant position in the name of the L’Excellence (identity of client’s company at this stage is protected and treated confidential).
Step 2: L’Excellence contacts potential candidates to establish their qualifications, references, availability, and interest.
Step 3: Client receives potential candidate’s profiles.
Step 4: The representative of the L’Excellence during video conference with client meets with all decision makers to review potential candidates and (if needed) refine targets.
Step 5: If targets are refined, client receives potential candidate’s profiles selected based on new targets.

Phase 2: Engagement & Shortlist

Step 1: Based on the agreed list of potential candidates and only after client’s approval, L’Excellence conducts personal, direct (one-one type) interviews with qualified candidates, prepare detailed profiles and appraisals of interviewed candidates and present them to client (at this stage, identity of client is revealed to candidates).
Step 2: L’Excellence performs check of qualifications, references… provided by the candidate during the interview.
Step 3: If still interested, client interviews candidates for initial screening over phone or Skype. This contact is arranged and led by L’Excellence, at business premises of L’Excellence, providing all technical and logistic support required for that occasion and assisted by Coordinator of the interview (representative of L’Excellence), counselling both parties throughout (if needed)
Step 4: Client shares the feedback of the initial screening (short listed candidates from initial screening are moved to 2nd layer filtering, 3rd layer filtering… or final interviews)

Phase 3: Selection

Step 1: Client lets L’Excellence know about the final list of interviewed candidates wanting to present them to the top management.
Step 2: Client, following own recruitment procedures, presents the candidates to the top management and finalise recruitment process. During that process, L’Excellence provides full logistic support, e.g., all technical support, business premises for video calls and assistance of representative of L’Excellence as Coordinator.
Step 3: Formal offer is made by client, and offer is communicated / discussed with the candidate directly, with obligation of client to inform L’Excellence about the outcome of the proposal.
Step 4: Further interviewing still goes on (in case when candidate does not accept the offer, the next pipeline / back-up candidate is offered etc.)

Phase 4: Integration

Step 1: When candidate accepts the offer & resigns from his current position, L’Excellence coordinates the whole process of gathering documents required for employment, keeping an eye on timely submission till the end of the hiring process.
Step 2: L’Excellence coordinates the whole process of gathering documents required for obtaining working visa, including other Expat support services as well (if needed)

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